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If you were born in the late 19s or the early 20s, then you must be familiar with the ‘India beat Nigeria 99-1.’ According to those who spread the stories then, the match was played in a particular world cup match in Italy (Italy 1990 World Cup).

Ariel’s view of Lagos, 1960s

 As the match started, India use black magic to turn the ball into a lion, fire, and all sorts of scary things. That made Nigeria’s goalkeeper leave the goal poll when he saw a lion or fire coming instead of a ball. This was the reason why India had the privilege over Nigeria to score 99 goals.

When the match was about to end, India told Nigeria if they could score a goal, then Nigeria will be considered a winner. 

Once Samuel Okwaraji heard that Nigeria would be considered a winner if Nigeria could score a goal, he tried to score a goal so that Nigeria could win the match. When he tried to kick the ball, the ball turned into a big stone and he used his energy to kick the stone.

As he kicked the stone, the stone scored, and Nigeria was declared a winner but Samuel Okparaji fell and die on the pitch instantly. FIFA sanctioned India after the match. They banned them from playing football since then. 

Anyway, those people that formed the above story did not have the fear of God, because it was full of lies. Nigeria and India had never met in the world cup, it had never happened. 

The Real Story

According to FIFA, it was in 1950 India had qualified for the world cup last. In 1950 India qualified, they withdraw themselves due to financial issues they had.

Some rumors trend that they were banned because FIFA banned Indian players to play with their feet and, India preferred to play without boots, but the Indian football organization said they withdraw, due to financial issues and FIFA didn’t ban them. They also confirmed that India had never met Nigeria in the world cup and, the 99-1 history is not real. 

Collapsed Samuel Okparaji in National Stadium, Lagos, against Angola.

But how did Samuel Okparaji die? Okparaji died in Lagos on August 12, 1989. Nigeria was playing against Angola, it was in the 1990 World Cup qualification. Okparaji collapsed due to heart failure, he didn’t kick a stone and Nigeria didn’t meet India.

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