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Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, is an afrobeat legend born in Abeokuta in 1938. He makes love more than twice daily. 

Fela was openly polygamous. He strongly believed polygamy was African, and he took his polygamy to another level in February 1978, when he married 27 women at once in a traditional ceremony. He lived with all the women in the same home (known as the Kalakuta Republic).

At that time, Kalakuta Republic housed more than 27 women who were all under Fela’s control— as a matter of fact, in 1993, Fela estimated that there were 70 women in his household. The women, ranging in age from age 14 to 30, were said to be educated and quite socially exposed.

Fela and his wives.

The marriage was officiated by an Ifa priest whom Fela brought from Ondo State, as no Ifa priest in Lagos agreed to officiate the wedding (partly because none of the parents of the 27 ladies was present).

Fela doubled as their husband and their judge. When there is a fight between the women, Fela casts punishments that could be in form of beating, doing house chores, or being denied sexual pleasure.

Afro-beat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. (1938-1997)

In Fela’s marital sex calendar with his 27 brides, he sleeps with two wives every day. Each wife has a day in a week to be available for sex. But sometimes he doesn’t even follow the calendar; he randomly sleeps for more than two a day.

Lagos Weekend magazine headline, published on Friday, April 5, 1991. “Fela makes love three hours daily”

The wives also seem to know which day of the week belongs to them or other wives on the consummation roster.

As one of his wives ( Kevwe Oghomienor) revealed:

“We take turns. My day is Monday. Kike too is on Monday. Aduni and Najite are on Tuesday. On Wednesday Ihase and Funmilayo. Adeola and Lamiley on thurday. Remi and Aduni on Friday. Lamiley and Alake go again on Saturday. On Sunday, Kike and Najite go to sleep with him.

He calls the others [the remaining 4 wives who didn’t get their day on the calendar] any time he likes. Cause when we are on tour, he calls them. It’s he who calls them.”

Fela performing on stage. Date and Location unknown 

Fela himself revealed what attracted him to his wives:

“What attracted me to each of them? Sex! I thought they were sexy and f’uc-kable. That’s what attracts me to a woman first. Some came to my house on their own. Others, I had come. Why? ‘cause I wanted to fuck them, that was all. I wanted a house where I could be fucking and I had it…me, I fuck as often and as long as I can do! Now it’s not even a matter of choice. When I married twenty-seven women I knew what I was doing-o!”

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