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Baba Ijebu as it is popularly called was founded in 2001, by Sir Kensington Adebukunla Adebutu CON (A gaming genius and philanthropist). Premier Lotto is the original name given to it by the founder but was nicknamed by the public. It is the oldest known gambling game in Nigeria.

The Premier Lotto

According to the founder, the game is a stock exchange for the ordinary man.

It is like a daily contribution, and the lucky ones will make a lot of profits at the end of the contribution.

Sir Kensington Adebukunla Adebutu, Founder and CEO of Premier Lotto

Baba Ijebu can also be seen as the basis of all lotteries in Nigeria today. After attracting a lot of people in the early 2000s, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) was founded in 2005, four years after Premier Lotto.

The first private lottery in the country has been running for over two decades now, while a lot of lotteries founded earlier have fallen off.

‘Baba Ijebu’ is a name given to both the premier lotto and the founder, Sir Kensington Adebukunla Adebutu (Father of Segun Adebutu) who is an Ijebu indigene.

Today, the game is played all over Nigeria and Ghana by wealthy and ordinary men. Premier Lotto has millions of local kiosks and it is also available online. Their official website is babaijebu.ng

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How to Play Baba Ijebu

NAP2 is the simplest ticket to play, there is also NAP3, NAP4, and NAP5.

Baba Ijebu (you play, we pay)
  • Visit babaijebu.ng to play or local kiosks near you
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Choose a draw to play in
  • Select two numbers from 1-90
  • Select how much to pay for your ticket (min. N50 and max. N50,000)
  • If the number you selected matches the number for the day, YOU WON!!!

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