Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Ogun owo is a popular belief among the Yorubas in the South-Western part of Nigeria. Ogun owo (Money Ritual) is believed as an act of sacrificing human beings’ lives to get money spiritually.

A Pictorial reference to Ogun Owo

A lot of human trafficking and parts of human being cases rising every day can be linked to it. The illegal way of getting money has been in existence for a long time. Money ritual is everywhere around Africa and its nearby provinces but it’s popularly called OGUN OWO among the Yorubas.

In Africa, culture and traditions cannot be wiped away or replaced, the same way money rituals can’t be replaced or wiped off. Of course, there is karma. It is also believed to have bad repercussions, according to African herbalists, anyone who engaged in the illegal means of getting money will die young or have a mental disorder, among many other bad things.

However, there are other various ways of getting money spiritually in Africa or among the Yorubas. They include Oshole, Awure, and the likes. Money ritual is the most deadly and dangerous way of getting money spiritually.

According to African myth, anyone who engages in money rituals will have a bad, hopeless, and unhappy ending.

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