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Money rituals involve the activities of some individuals, who try to create wealth with the aid of performing spiritual sacrifices. In Nigeria, another name for money rituals is “black magic”. Money rituals practice is attributed to traditional gods in different regions in Nigeria, where people believe worshiping these gods will get them money. Most popular among them are “Sango the god of thunder“ “The Igbo spirit of wealth” etc. The money rituals in this modern era have gone beyond worshiping a god.

People go as far as using their loved ones, harvesting kidneys, etc. The term money ritual is sometimes used interchangeably with blood money, to mean the same thing when they actually do not mean the same thing. Blood money is the money acquired through the spilling of human blood. A good example of how blood money is accumulated is the case of gangsters and mafias in America, including drug pushers who are into illegal drug trafficking because their business also results in taking human lives. A hitman and an armed rubber also belong to this category

Money rituals practiced in Nigeria and other African countries, including other parts of the world, involve the practice of using juju to produce charms, that they believe have the potency to generate wealth. Money rituals are a practice that has been in existence for a long time, since the 1980s and 90s, and it’s still in practice today. 

The history of juju in African countries originated from the African traditional religion known as voodoo. The voodoo practices centered on the sacrifice of blood to gain super-physical power, and to accumulate wealth. In some parts of Africa, Nigeria specifically, a lot of men and women have sacrificed the souls of their loved ones to be rich. Money rituals involve blood, and the blood of these sacrifices is in turn used to increase wealth, making such individuals become rich overnight.

The money keeps flowing and wealth is sustained, as long as the individual concerned keeps performing the sacrifice. Most top politicians and other influential people in Nigeria today are suspected of such practices, either for wealth or protection purposes.

Modern-day statistics have shown that due to the emergence of other alternative religions such as Islam, and Christianity, the practice of black magic has reduced drastically. Although it is still popular in some parts of the country.

However, a lot of people still believe that such occultic power does not exist and as a result, dismiss any claim or thought that has to do with money rituals. Voodoo as mentioned earlier is part of Africa’s traditional religion. Although faith suggests that this juju, charms are way inferior to God almighty, it does not make them less harmful to humans when applied. 

The voodoo ritual practice is part of the earliest African traditional religion, that has been existing before other religious practices. In Nigeria, money rituals practitioners otherwise known as voodoo practitioners are mostly referred to as herbalists, because they work with a combination of herbs from plants and others. These money rituals practitioners use strange, and powerful objects which sometimes include calabash, human skull, dead animal’s score, etc. They also demand items that are often difficult to trace. Items like The human score, ears of an ant, or parts of a deadly wild creature that may be difficult to get. Some pay for the items in monetary value.

While our study focuses on Africa alone, Money rituals are also done in other parts of the world such as India and parts of the west where people place their kidneys for sale in order to accumulate more wealth.

Money Rituals in Yoruba Land

Nigerian money

The Yoruba name for money rituals is Ogun owo. It is viewed as a supernatural means of accumulating wealth, through the combinations of certain knowledge, known only to the ritual practitioners of such rituals in Yoruba. While ‘Ogun owo‘ represents money ritual in Yoruba land, then oshole is esoteric knowledge which is mainly for the Oniseguns.


Oshole is a branch of Isegun also termed Ogun owo craft, and encompasses all the metaphysical pieces of knowledge, and information about possessing money. Based on the little research I carried out, I discovered that oshole results are also followed by powerful and uneasy consequences. A real and experienced Ifa must know more about the working of oshole, and must not work to violate ethics. If a true Ifa is asked to perform money rituals, he must first of all check the consulter’s ori to confirm its current configuration, then commence the process. The purpose is to get a better understanding of the issue concerned. Yahoo Yahoo boys are the largest patronizers of the Oshole and are ready to pay heavily for it. These sets of boys acquire this ritual to dupe victims online.


Oshole will not be recommended by an Ifa in issues relating to lack of money, instead, other alternatives will be suggested to the consulted. It takes a corrupt Babalawo to carry out the ritual. Many people are afraid that it may not truly work. There are minor types of oshole that are prepared in the form of concoction or soap. These types are mainly bathed on specified days, as instructed by the onisegun, and are mostly done to command a fortune. The major disadvantage of these charms is that they do not last long, and are always accompanied by numerous warnings and restrictions. It is operating on a give-and-take mechanism. A lot of fakes Babalawo are presently on social media deceiving gullible Nigerians and extorting money from them

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